What’s The Difference Between Cpus And Gpus?

For many years, the average computer user has been made aware of the capabilities of the Central Processing Unit or the CPU. This part of the computer system is known as the brains of the computer. However, recent technologies have been using the Graphics Processing Unit or the GPU. These two processors work hand-in-hand to perform tasks in computerized machineries and have significant differences. Here are some of them:


Image source: Nvidia.com

Cache memory
Built for multitasking, CPUs have bigger cache memory. GPUs, on the other hand, have a smaller amount as it was meant to accompany the operations of the CPU. In recent years, high-capacity GPUs built with larger cache have been developed but remain uncommon.
CPUs were originally designed to handle around 18 operations–the usual amount of processing for a personal computer. To accommodate all this processing, these structures usually have two cores responsible for powering up productivity apps.
On the other hand, GPUs have been developed in recent years to be more than a graphic controller. Present in later models of smartphones, these processors are now capable of being programmable and handling thousands of threads.



Image source: Emoneyadvisor.com

These days, CPUs are also being developed to keep up with processes that are being incorporated into computer systems. GPUs are also being enhanced to handle more operations to facilitate more functions for future gadgets and devices. Despite the differences of these two processors, having powerful CPUs and GPUs will make for highly efficient computing power.
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