Some Little-Known Facts About The Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is so ubiquitous, to the point that it has silently found its comfortable place in the recesses of most of the electronic devices that people use.Hardly anything can be accomplished without semiconductors. Here are some interesting facts.


A semiconductor is a substance that has a level of conductivity that is between that of an insulator and that of most metals.

In order to make it work, an impurity is added so that a manageable level of conduction can be realized. This is otherwise known as a dopant.

Silicon is the most patronized semiconductor product. This is used in just about anything that functions by means of an electrical charge.

If a device runs on electricity, chances are that it has a semiconductor component in it.

Worldwide semiconductor industry sales reach hundreds of billions of dollars every year. It’s that big of an industry that also provides millions of jobs.

A semiconductor’s relevance in the market is rather fleeting, as manufacturers typically go back to the drawing board to create new designs. This could also explain why smartphones and computers easily become obsolete.

Electronic components

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The most advanced application of semiconductor technology has to do with the transmission of information using light. This is also known as fiber optic technology.

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