The Dangers Of Using Counterfeit Semiconductors

Semiconductors are crucial parts in electronic systems. These are considered the “brains” of the gadgets and machineries used by various industries. From healthcare to aeronautics, semiconductor parts are essential in running a million day-to-day operations.


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As the use of semiconductors becomes more widespread, the illegal marketing of counterfeit parts have also become increasingly rampant. These fake parts are usually sold to manufacturers, and their substandard quality can lead to loss, injury, and damages.

Illegal acquisition of materials gives way to the use of counterfeit in the manufacturing process. Stolen parts and even scraps are installed in a device, sometimes labeled falsely to pass necessary checks. Substandard parts that have not been approved are sometimes stolen and re-used because of poor disposal. To prevent the use of these defective and damaging materials, heightened measures have been employed by semiconductor companies to ensure that only authorized parts are installed during manufacturing.

Counterfeit parts are real threats to many industries that rely on devices for efficient operations. Manufacturing companies are also put on a pedestal especially since they no longer oversee every part of the process, which could be outsourced to different places. Organizations such as the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and the Internation Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have listed standards and assessment systems that will help control the illegal distribution of products. Despite these actions, companies can assure themselves that they procure only legitimate parts by carefully monitoring the supply chain and contacting authorized sellers.


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