Shoes and Manufacturing: The New Liquid Factory 3D Process

Reebok, a global fitness brand and a major shoe label, is expecting great things from its newly developed manufacturing process called Liquid Factory 3D. With it, the company is hoping to improve the overall production time of its products significantly.


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Liquid Factory was first developed by the company’s Future team. The design drafts of their shoes will be done in a three-dimensional frame with the use of state-of-the-art robotics and software. A liquid material, developed by the BASF, will then be used to create the components of the shoe with respect to its proper dimensions. The result is a unique, first-of-its-kind footwear that does not make use of the traditional molds whatsoever.

The Liquid Factory process was created to beef up the efficiency in creating high-performance athletic footwear. For the past 30 years, nearly all shoe companies used molds to breathe life into their creations. Although highly popular, it is a time-consuming and expensive process. That is why Liquid Factory will be a revolutionary step forward in the shoe industry.

Video source: Reebok Youtube channel

With this new technology, robots were programmed to create the entire shoe outside. Layers of high-energy liquid material were drawn to create the first-ever energy-return outsole. Apart from being created faster, the energy-return outsole also outperformed the typical rubber outsole. Furthermore, the Liquid Factory system will be used to create a unique fit structure that will stretch and form itself into the shape of the foot, increasing the comfort factor to whoever wears the shoes.

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