Ryan Jacob: CAE Principles and Values


Ryan Jacob: CAE Guiding Principles

This is Part Two of Capital Asset Exchange & Trading’s piece on the company’s guiding principles as explained by Ryan Jacob. CAE is committed to provide buyers and sellers of secondary equipment a safe, comprehensive, and effective marketplace in which they can do business.

Capital Asset Exchange & Trading has emerged as a world-class organization for the semiconductor vertical with the guidance of its core value and principles. Here are the rest of what makes up our company’s foundation:

Commitment – We mean what we say and say what we mean. When we say we are committed to generating the best possible outcomes for our clients and employees, it means we are willing to go the extra mile to make sure our targets are met and exceeded. We are also careful to never over promise but only to give objective and sound insight to properly set client expectations. With that said, that doesn’t mean we are satisfied with average results. Being in a competitive industry, we know our performance makes the biggest difference in achieving goals.

Teamwork – We recognize that every successful client outcome is the result of perfect coordination and teamwork among our employees. Like a well-oiled machine, our teamwork is what has enabled us to scale new heights as we grow. In the same manner, CAE is proud to be composed of results-driven professionals who excel both as individuals and team members.

Attention to Detail – Here at CAE, we are not afraid to ask questions, even the hard ones. We ask questions, dig-in, and confirm because we know this piece of information is crucial to our and our clients’ success. We never leave excellent outcomes to chance. We’d rather take excellent outcomes in our own hands and make sure these happen. Additionally, we manage all details so that our clients don’t have to.

Speed – We believe that opportunities are always presenting themselves. It’s what CAE was built on; finding an opportunity and seizing it. As such, our priority is always creating opportunities for our clients as their success is our success. When opportunities present themselves, we act quickly and move with speed but also with precision to ensure we generate and maximize value.

Tenacity – In the same manner that CAE was built on having found and seized an opportunity, we are tenacious and hard-working to reach our goals. We believe that every great achievement is born out of a challenge dealt with successfully. Regardless of how much effort it takes to solve a problem, we never stop until we see the solutions working and the results we aimed for. We pride ourselves on our commitment to overcome any challenge, persevering to make sure our safe, comprehensive, and effective platform is the top choice of our clients.

All in all, these ten principles are what guides CAE’s activities and every action. They remind us of why we do what we do.

For more about Capital Asset Exchange & Trading, or to learn more about what the company can do for your capital asset, please do not hesitate to contact Ryan Jacob of CAE today.



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