Equipping Your Company Through The CAE Capital Marketplace

Image source: caeonline.com

Image source: caeonline.com

The CAE capital marketplace offers a fair, safe, and transparent place to purchase and sell industrial equipment. Providing consistent and predictable prices, the company works tirelessly to streamline the process of acquiring and selling capital equipment and provides buyers and sellers with unparalleled global reach.

The company’s experienced team draws from a network of proven relationships with leading IDMs, foundries, research centers, and universities across the globe, linking an international network of buyers and sellers and pinpointing needed assets to their seller and physical location. The company works quickly and efficiently in processing each transaction, sometimes concluding deals in less than a day.

The CAE marketplace sells systems between 10 and 25 per cent of new and 50 per cent of OEM-refurbished prices. Buyers also receive supports import/export compliance, de-installation, rigging, crating, storage, and shipping on a global basis from the company’s dedicated settlement team. The settlement and logistics team also assist buyers, accomplishing packing and pickup process at competitive quotes.

The company has a cross-manufacturer focus and sells items from across the semiconductor value chain.

Image source: caeonline.com

Image source: caeonline.com

Moreover, CAE maintains accountability for every transaction, auditing and inspecting every asset to ensure an accurate and complete view of the quality of every item and its delivery to the buyers, per agreement. It also moves quickly to resolve issues at any point in a transaction.

Ryan Jacob is the CEO of CAE, having joined the company since 2008 and being responsible for significant leaps forward in the company’s employee headcount and profit margins. For more on him and the leadership of the company, visit this website.

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